How does LISAP relate to partners in business?

-          Transparency: We are transparent and open in every cooperate venture mutually agreed upon with both potential and existing partners. Lisap Ltd updates her associates frequently on recent developments and acquisitions made within her numerous projects. Her innovations are always spelled out for external assistance and advice.

-          Mutual respect /equity and fairness: Lisap respects all terms of agreement reached with her partners whether they are an individual, a business entity/corporate society, while keeping in mind universal and legally binding principles and clauses regarding partnership etc. She practices equity with all partners irrespective of gender - in sole proprietorship, colour or geographical settings.

-          Receptive: Lisap is receptive towards new business proposals, in her correspondence and equally welcomes researchers , interns and other contributors/benefactors of her endeavours

-          Commitment: She is bound by all engagements arrived with both national and international structures. Keeping up with deadlines and appointments in collection and delivery.

Company Contacts

A:# 22 Bayanga town,SWR Mamfe
   P.O Box 332174 Cameroon
T: +237 661 376 390
F: +237 622 322 332
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.