We are a limited liability company and are very actively involved with the improvement of the welfare of the farmers in our country. We serve as a bridge in associating International traders/consumers with the product/producers. Respecting and implementing all recommended procedures laid down by the Global Compact for sustainable production. Our prime guide is establishing every sustainable tool for qualitative and quantitative production.

We are a large producer in the Cocoa sector and equally pocess a transformation unit for Cocoa and Coffee. Both investments provide employment for over 200 persons and equally invest the capacity building of its human resources.

We have highly skilled and trained personnel responsible for the training of farmers in our communities. Socio- economic benefits are a prioritized package in our initiatives towards the farmers and their families; there alleviating poverty within the nation.

Top Food Exporters has actually signed a memo with the union of cooperatives for Cocoa farmers in the South West Region of the country and currently has a league of over 12000 farmers to cater for. Our partnership with UTZ aids the achievement of our goals for sustainable production of the cocoa and coffee beans; hence providing our processing unit with quality and quantity though out the year.

The Farm Investment

More so we have a farmland of an estimated 5000 hectares opened  in 2011, south west of the country under Mbonge sub division, to be specific in the Bomboko clan. So far 250 hectares of the land has been planted with the Cocoa plant, with an estimated production rate of 700kg per hectare by the end end of the Cocoa campaign 2015/2016. N.B There is also a mixed culture in our plantation, with crops such as plantain Bananas, Pepper among others. This agricultural investment has put together over 50 workers and has as mission the creation of social amenities such as schools, health centres and others. Steps are currently been taken to install portable water and sustainable electricity in the LIKINGI village were the farm is located. 

Sourcing unit: Our influence in the Cameroon Cocoa market so far is felt within the South West and Centre Regions of the country. Our cooperation with the Union for South West Cocoa farmers Cooperatives provides a steady supply of an estimated 4000T  

The Cocoa processing unit


Top Food Exporters strives to ensure obtaining the best possible quality in produced agricultural produce and for an eventual celebrated grade of finished products for consumption.


Our culture of solidarity, team work and the quest for proficiency has made our human resource a priceless asset for the structure in its objectives.

Customer Oriented:

Customer satisfaction is our strength.

Services for Top Food Exporters

-           We train local Cocoa farmers on sustainable waste and pest control management, sustainable ecosystem and human resources management. Education on acceptable commercial values are not left out in out in our means to preparing the farmers for Certification.

-          We distribute Agro-chemical products to all actors within agricultural sector of Cameroon.

-          We are also a heavy producer of the Cocoa beans, Plantain and other vegetables in the country.

-        Top Food Exporters is equally a growing commercial house (Buyer/Distributor) of the Cocoa and Coffee beans.

-          We process Cocoa beans into Butter, Cake, and Powder.

-          We import Agro-chemicals and jute bags for local consumption.

-     Top Food Exporters,  exports her semi-finished products (Butter, Cake, Powder etc) to foreign consumers.

Company Contacts

A:# 22 Bayanga town,SWR Mamfe
   P.O Box 332174 Cameroon
T: +237 661 376 390
F: +237 622 322 332
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