Community Development Scheme

In our CDS we have as program to following activities.

  • Rehabilitation of farm to market roads: Top Food Exporters has it in her programme the rehabilitation of farm to market roads for farmers for easy in the communities where we locate our cocoa plantation and also in other communities where we get cocoa for our factory.
  • Rehabilitation of water schemes:  Top Food Exporters also assist communities to rehabilitate  water supply facilities in other to limit water borne disease like cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid in a bit to maintain a good health suitable for farming.
  • Health: Top Food Exporters assist in health related issues by carrying out sensitization on HIV/AIDS, child mortality related disease and encourages vaccination of children by parents.Top Food Exporters is out also to provide local clinics and hospital with health equipments and materials in other for the farmers and their families to have access to good medical facilities that keep them in good health fit for sustainable livelihood.
  • Educational Assistance: Top Food Exporters also encourages education in the communities by providing primary schools with didactic material (teaching and learning aid) and other leaning materials that can improve on the learning capacity of the children in these communities; as well as sensitizing parents on the importance  to educating the girl child .

Company Contacts

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   P.O Box 332174 Cameroon
T: +237 661 376 390
F: +237 622 322 332
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