Top Food Exporters is a limited company that has as objective to create a transformation unit to encircle the production process and to create an enclosed circle which will encompass the entire process, starting from growing and supplying of repro materials (cocoa beans), to processing and transforming into secondary as well as tertiary product.

Why Top Food Exporters

Beside this main objective Top Food Exporters also have other objectives which are as follows.

Our Presence

Top Food Exporter's Objectives

To acquire and install modern transformation machinery and accessories.
• To better the market of cocoa beans in Cameroon by transforming at least 20 tons a day.

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Company Contacts

A:# 22 Bayanga town,SWR Mamfe
   P.O Box 332174 Cameroon
T: +237 661 376 390
F: +237 622 322 332
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.